[Lispweb] Announcement: HTML-TEMPLATE

Bruce Lewis brlewis at ALUM.MIT.EDU
Wed Jul 16 09:49:43 CDT 2003

Edi Weitz <edi at agharta.de> writes:

> Let me add that I think this is more or less a typical "Yes, it works
> in pratice, but does it also work in theory?" problem. From my
> experience over the last years I'd say that very simple template
> systems (like Perl's HTML::Template) usually work quite good if
> programmers and graphical designers work together while full-blown
> embedded languages like PHP (yuk!) don't. But that's just me... :)

In theory, the simplicity of the template systems should be expressible
in embedded languages like PHP.  In practice, extricating the complex
code from a PHP page to convert it to simple template style is a pain.

However, I think that has to do with the design of the language.  I
don't think it's hard to take a complex BRL page, move its definitions
to sitedefs.scm, and simplify it into a simple template-style page.  I'm
thinking of adding a chapter to the BRL manual that illustrates this.

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