[Lispweb] ANN: CLiki 0.4.3

rm@fabula.de rm at fabula.de
Wed May 12 09:49:40 CDT 2004

On Wed, May 12, 2004 at 03:28:58PM +0200, rm at fabula.de wrote:
> Thank's a lot, Francois!
> I was just about to send a bug report to Daniel. I just downloaded/installed
> the new version on a rand new box to migrate an existing cliki but still couldn't
> get the unpatched version to work (Dan, if you want i can provide a bit more
> information). I'll go ahead and try your patches (which made cliki work on the
> running installation).

As a follow-up: even after the installation of Francois' patches cliki refuses
to work :-/ 

 - The CSS URL doesn't work. Requesting it (both via browser and CLI client)
   results in a 'This page doesn't exist yet' page. 

 - Cliking on the 'edit' link of any page results in the same page (html-wise),
   but with an extra '/edit' component in the URL. Following the edit link
   on such a page will add another '/edit' component ....

 - The URL for the 'Create New Page' points at the root URL of the listener.

  Any ideas what's going wrong here?
  System information: GNU/Linux Debian, tested both with SBCL 0.8.4 and
  multithreaded SBCL Araneida is version 0.84.

  TIA Ralf Mattes


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