[Lispweb] installing CLiki

Francois-Rene Rideau fare at tunes.org
Wed May 12 15:38:06 CDT 2004

OK, so the originality of your installation is that
your URL is under /cliki/ instead of under /.
You may have to adjust some function or some other
to ensure that everything is OK.
I haven't checked that my patch would work well in this setting,
you'll have to do that manually.
Some links may be broken in display functions;
some URLs may be misplaced in server handlers.
I guess dan`b will welcome fixes to the original cliki,
and if he hasn't got time to integrate them,
I'll welcome fixes to my cliki patch.

>> Does the file $CLIKIDATA/admin/cliki.css exist?
> No, but AFAIK it shouldn't. Isn't this a handler-generated file? (At least,
> when i inspect my cliki instance it's listed as a handler).
If you're using cto, the handler serves a file.
If you're using the original cliki, it's a function.
BUT, it mightn't be served at the URL you think it is.

>> That's OK - the magic is done in javascript.
> Yes, i readlized that in horror :-o
> Kind of leaves us links-users without hope.
links users are bright enough to use the "g" key and then the arrows,
and add "edit/" to the current URL;
otherwise, add a Cliki link to _(your new page) in a relevant page
or in the sandbox, then click on the link so as to edit the new page.
That said, people with a clue use w3m, not links. ;->

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