[Lispweb] Is this list still active ?

Marc Battyani marc.battyani at fractalconcept.com
Sat Mar 12 02:20:30 CST 2005

"Luis Felipe Strano Moraes" <ra016681 at ic.unicamp.br> wrote:

> I've just found this list, and it seems from the
> archives that there hasn't been much going on here
> lately (actually, since 2002 heh).

Most of the Common Lisp web projects have their own mailing lists now. The
public announcements and the Common Lisp web discussions are generally made
in the comp.lang.lisp newsgroup. Anyway you can post to this list if you
want, it is still somewhat active.

> So, I'm a beginner scheme programmer. I'm quite
> interested in the use of continuations on web
> development (mainly due to seaside), and I was
> wondering if there are any documents that talk
> about it with scheme/lisp.
> I've tried searching, but found none.

This list is (was?) about Common Lisp rather than Scheme.
If you are interested in a continuation web framework in Common Lisp you can
have a look at Marco Baringer's UnCommon Web:


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