[Lispweb] Is this list still active ?

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Sat Mar 12 03:26:57 CST 2005

On Sat, Mar 12, 2005 at 09:20:30AM +0100, Marc Battyani wrote:
> "Luis Felipe Strano Moraes" <ra016681 at ic.unicamp.br> wrote:
> > I've just found this list, and it seems from the
> > archives that there hasn't been much going on here
> > lately (actually, since 2002 heh).
> Most of the Common Lisp web projects have their own mailing lists now. The
> public announcements and the Common Lisp web discussions are generally made
> in the comp.lang.lisp newsgroup. Anyway you can post to this list if you
> want, it is still somewhat active.

I find this rather sad, i always enjoyed to read about the differenr approaches
to Web-related stuff in the Lisp/Scheme world ...
Recently there had been some very interesting exchanges going on in several
lists/newsgroups some of which might have escaped the eyes of interested folks
(there was one on the LispWorks mailing list !).

> > So, I'm a beginner scheme programmer. I'm quite
> > interested in the use of continuations on web
> > development (mainly due to seaside), and I was
> > wondering if there are any documents that talk
> > about it with scheme/lisp.
> > I've tried searching, but found none.
> This list is (was?) about Common Lisp rather than Scheme.

Was it??? Strange, as far as i recall i joined the list during my involvement
with _scheme_ and the Web (mod_guile or something like that :)
Back then it was a Lisp/Scheme thingy (IIRC).

> If you are interested in a continuation web framework in Common Lisp you can
> have a look at Marco Baringer's UnCommon Web:
> http://common-lisp.net/project/ucw/

Nice try to get'em to use Lisp. But there are similar, very mature frameworks
for Scheme as well: PLT/MzScheme comes with a good webserver/call/cc based 

 cheers RalfD

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