[Lispweb] Araneida Branches

Alan Shields lispweb at alan.shields.name
Mon Aug 14 00:37:35 CDT 2006

Sometimes even I get confused. Part of the problem is that my effort
was to pull all of the fancy-schmancy stuff out of the core "web server"
portion of Araneida. This took several stages, which I put out
for people to take a gander at.

The branches are:

> araneida-release

Latest release

> araneida-testing

Last "test release" of Araneida before the split.

> araneida-slim2

JUST the webserver, second release

> aaraneida-testing

Advanced Araneida - all the bells and whistles.

All tests work at the moment, there are patches to be applied,
and rfc2109 need to be updated.

So, which one to follow? araneida-slim2 and aaraneida, most likely.
You SHOULD be able to just load up your app with aaraneida and araneida,
just like normal - need to add :aaraneida to your package as well.

If that doesn't work, let me know.

Given that I'm trying to get work as a bartender while I look for a
job in Austin, TX, that might give you an idea as to part of why
things have been delayed.

I have received several patches, which I plan to apply RSN.

My apologies,

"It is like writing a poem on two fresh cinnamon rolls."
    -- Tycho, Penny Arcade

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