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From: Joel Ray Holveck <joelh@gnu.org>

  0. How (that is, by whom) did you join Red Bean, and approximately
     when?  Who in Red Bean knows you in real life, so we could ask
     them if you suddenly appear to disappear?

I was assimilated by nemo, shortly before Emacs 20.3 was released,
whenever that was.  I have never met any Red Bean people in person,
but correspond frequently with nemo via email, talk, and telephone.

  1. Do you use Red Bean as your primary email address and/or primary
     Web server (i.e., is your home page here)?

I do not have a primary home page at the moment.  (My Red Bean home
page does not exist.  Just ask it.)  I occasionally put pages there to
share with friends, eg http://.../~joelh/happy_fun_llama/ (which will
be gone in a few months, no point in bookmarking it).  I have
considered writing a home page, but have not yet gotten around to it.

  2. Do you know anything about Unix system administration?
     Programming?  Tell everything about you and computers... :-)

I consider myself capable for most tasks involving Unix.

  3. Anything else about yourself you'd like made known?  Put it here,
     anything goes.

This comment fills a much-needed space.

  4. Optional information: what's your snail address and phone, in
     case something goes down and we need to reach you that way?
     (This information will not be published on the Web unless you
     specifically grant permission.)

[not public]

  5. Do you play bagpipes?

No, although I have an offer to trade instrument lessons for it, ie I
teach Brian the xylophone, he teaches me the bagpipes.  I have not
seen Brian in some time, and suspect that making good on this offer
would be nontrivial.