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From: "Joel N. Weber II" <nemo@red-bean.com>

  0. How (that is, by whom) did you join Red Bean, and approximately
     when?  Who in Red Bean knows you in real life, so we could ask
     them if you suddenly appear to disappear?

jimb introduced me to red-bean, maybe 1996 or 1997, give or take a year.

Thomas Bushnell was probably the only red-beanite I see in real life
much, up until he moved away from Boston.

Noel Cragg was technically my cow orker when I worked for the FSF, but
that's largely irrelavent in that we worked for the FSF in different
states, and have never met in person.

joelh and I have never met in real life, but he and I became
acquainted via the FSF.

  1. Do you use Red Bean as your primary email address and/or primary
     Web server (i.e., is your home page here)?

I use red-bean as my primary webspace.

  2. Do you know anything about Unix system administration?
     Programming?  Tell everything about you and computers... :-)

  3. Anything else about yourself you'd like made known?  Put it here,
     anything goes.

  4. Optional information: what's your snail address and phone, in
     case something goes down and we need to reach you that way?
     (This information will not be published on the Web unless you
     specifically grant permission.)

See ~/text/coordinates, which will probably eventually get updated
after I move, whenever I get around to moving, whereas if I told you
now, we'd never remember to update it.

  5. Do you play bagpipes?