Red-Bean Stuff

Here at Red Bean, we write software the old fashioned way: we steal it. When we can't get what we want from someone else, we write it and then steal it from ourselves. But anyway, it's all free software, so you're free to steal it from us, too.

Most of our projects are kept in Subversion or CVS. For Subversion projects, obtain the project this way:

     svn checkout

for CVS projects, our CVS server is no longer online. If interested, contact the authors.

Our stuff is divided into two categories: serious stuff and fun hacks. The serious packages are "serious" in the sense that:

The fun packages, on the other hand, were written for amusement or to solve some highly specific problem. Enjoy them, but be aware that they weren't necessarily designed to provide dependable results.

Of course, the fact that the serious stuff was designed for dependable results doesn't guarantee anything, either. If you want guarantees, inquire at our business office.

Serious Stuff

Name Authors Version Control Description
Label Nation kfogel labelnation (SVN) Label-printing software (as in address labels, etc). Martyn Pearce, kfogel, and others (CVS) Perl script to generate GNU-style Changelogs by parsing the output of the "cvs log" command.
The Subversion Book sussman, fitz cmpilato A book about the Subversion version control system, designed to supplant CVS.
Open Source Development With CVS kfogel cvsbook (SVN) A book about using CVS, especially in open source projects.
Producing Open Source Software kfogel producingoss (SVN) A book about how open source project are run.
mpt-status Matt Braithwaite (CVS) A Linux program to print the status of an LSI 1030 RAID controller, a.k.a. mptlinux, a.k.a. fusion. Now you can figure out whether you have a dead drive without using Java.
OneTime kfogel OneTime (SVN) An open source implementation of the one-time pad encryption (packaged in Debian GNU/Linux as onetime).
ALE jimb and kfogel ALE (SVN) A genetic sequence alignment editor built on GNU Emacs. kfogel henrysrecords (SVN) A free online classical music recording catalog and the code to search it, including searches by timing range. fitz, kfogel, cmpilato, et al bikeshed (SVN) The code (such as it is) behind

Fun Hacks

Name Authors Version Control Description
BKGo kfogel, sussman (CVS) A system for playing Go (wei-qi) over the internet. Written entirely in Java 1.1; playable as a standalone java app or entirely within your web-browser. Supports multi-observer "chat" and loading/saving of standard SGF files.

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