Slaves to the Cheese Dispenser

In 1998/1999, a survey was taken of Red Bean suspects. The information received was used to make a spinach torte.

real name username homepage survey responses
Robert Chassell bob ? bob's answers
David Carlton carlton ? carlton's answers
Craig Brozefsky craig craig's home page craig's answers
Lee P. W. Burgess lefty lefty's home page lefty's answers
Brian Fitzpatrick bwf fitz's home page fitz's answers
Noah Friedman friedman ? friedman's answers
Greg Gallagher ggallag greg's home page greg's answers
John Grigsby grigsby ? grigsby's answers
Abigail Ann Davis guin ? guin's answers
Ian Lance Taylor ian ? ian's answers
Jim Blandy jimb jimb's home page jimb's answers
John Lodder jlodder ? jlodder's answers
Jen Mankoff jmankoff ? jmankoff's answers
Joel Ray Holveck joelh ? joelh's answers
Kathryn Hintergardt kathryn ? kathryn's answers
Karl Fogel kfogel kfogel's home page kfogel's answers
Rachel and Kennis Koldewyn kold The Koldewyn Family Home Page
Rachel Koldewyn's Home Page
kold's answers
Matt Braithwaite mab ?  
Max Bowsher maxb ?  
C. Michael (Mike) Pilato cmpilato cmpilato's home page cmpilato's answers
Mikael Djurfeldt mdj ? mdj's answers
Marius Vollmer mvo ? mvo's answers
Joel N. Weber II nemo nemo's home page nemo's answers
Noel Cragg noel noel's home page noel's answers
Pat Eyler pate ? pate's answers
Perry Metzger perry ? perry's answers
Retch the Grate rcormac ? rcormac's answers
Robert J. Walsh rjwalsh ? rjwalsh's answers
Rob Chauncey rob ? rob's answers
Roland McGrath roland ? roland's answers
Siu Yuin Pang siuyuin siuyuin's home page siuyuin's answers
Ben Collins-Sussman sussman sussman's home page sussman's answers
Mike Sussman msussman msussman's home page msussman's answers
Tang Yee Soon tangys tangys's home page tangys's answers
Thomas Bushnell tb tb's home page tb's answers
Yang Yong Qing yyang yyang's home page yyang's answers
Noel Taylor nttaylor nttaylor's home page nttaylor's answers
Sundar Raman sundar nttaylor's home page sundar's answers
Nick Piepmeier pieps pieps's home page piep's answers
James Vasile james james's home page james's answers